My name is Marianna and I am a PhD student at the University of Waterloo's school of computer science, in the programming languages research group. My advisor is Ondřej Lhoták.

My research interests are functional programming, compilers, and static program analysis.

You can find my CV hereopens in new window.

Mini Bio

I grew up and went to high school in Frankfurt, Germany, and did my BSc in computer science in Moscow, Russia, where I was born. In 2012 I moved to Canada for my masters. In the fall of 2013 I lived in San Francisco, CA, where I did an internship with Twitteropens in new window. In September 2014 I started a PhD at Waterloo with Ondřej Lhoták. During summer 2015, I did an internship at the IBM TJ Watson Research Centreopens in new window in Yorktown Heights, NY.